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HW Controls & Assurance

Making A Difference

Making IT work for your business

HW Controls & Assurance works with a wide variety of clients in both the commercial and public sectors. We have a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge pool provided by our management team and associate consultants.

Below are some examples of where HW Controls & Assurance has made a difference.

IT Advisory

The situation: £7-8m turnover, established family run field service engineer business, with around 60 engineers and sub-contractors.

  • Had been highly profitable, now having trading issues.
  • The business relied heavily on IT to manage it’s core business processes, i.e. getting the right engineer to the right place, within the SLA and recoding the work undertaken and accurately billing the client for all the work undertaken.
  • However, IT was in a mess, unreliable and the systems didn’t meet the requirements of the business.

We were able to help by providing:

  • Effective management of their three key IT suppliers.
  • Coordinated the replacement of the old IT infrastructure, so it was fit-for-purpose and reliable.
  • Helped the client to define their requirements for a proper Field Service Engineer system.
  • Commenced the process of selecting a system that met their business requirements and was affordable.
  • Conducted due diligence on the selected supplier, prior to the signing of the contract.
  • Planned a phased implementation, to start getting the benefits of the new system with a stage by stage and low risk approach.
  • Provided the client with UAT training and provided guidance of how to manage the UAT process and defect management

Project Management

A UK Retail subsidiary of global parent had upgraded their main accounting systems from Sage to Microsoft AX . The upgrade had been driven by a desire to comply with a go-live deadline. The issues:

  • Failed to identify the systems and processes that needed to be re-engineered.
  • Lack of understanding of the mechanics of the old systems and of the new, particularly the impact of trading in 2 or more currencies.
  • Migrated the chart of accounts with little regard for complexities of the underlying primary ledgers .

All of which resulted in a system that was producing erroneous management information, leading to poor business decision making.

We were able to help by:

  • Liaising with the system suppliers technical teams to facilitate rolling back the upgrade
  • Creating a stress tested migration plan
  • Identified where and why the inconsistencies occurred;
  • Re-engineered the business financial processes for suitability, effectiveness and security;
  • Document the amended processes;
  • Recommended improvements to the office structure to encourage task ownership and improves reporting metrics.

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