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Most instances of reported Cyber Crime would not have occurred without human involvement. 

Cyber criminals are going where the people and the money are, and they know that SMEs typically have fewer defences than the average large company. However, on the plus side 80% of all cyber-crime is easily defensible by implementing a few simple measures.

Cyber Crime & Fraud

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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for the bulk of all private sector businesses in the UK. All of them bring in revenue and hold intellectual property, and many have exploitable links to larger companies.

Last year saw approximately half of worldwide Internet attacks reported against small enterprises with less than 250 employees. These attacks are headed ‘cyber’ but in reality this mean that the communication channel used was digital usually a ‘phishing’ email that contained an attachment that to be effective required the recipient to open it!

All organisations, no matter their size, complexity, or business sector has a responsibility to adequately protect the information it collects, processes and stores, relating to; its customers; business partners; and its employees, not to mention protecting its own valuable intellectual property

Haines Watts Services are designed to help its clients manage their security needs and to implement appropriate and adequate counter measures which meets their business needs. Our starting point is as always people; awareness, training and ‘red teaming’ we are also equipped to:

  • Undertake investigations into suspected fraudulent activity
  • Deliver threat detection guidance
  • Assist clients to develop information security policies and procedures
  • Prepare a security Incident management and response plan
  • Advise on information security in the cloud
  • Penetration testing – using “ethical hacking’ techniques to test IT parameter and internal security
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Management, including ISO 22301 and BS 25999
  • Information security awareness and training

Counter Fraud

Fraud happens in many ways sometimes assisted by technology sometimes not.

Technology aided fraud usually exploits logical access and communications weaknesses in an organisations IT systems but in most cases, still requires human activity.

We can offer fraud awareness training, internal controls testing and fraud simulation scenarios, sometimes referred to as ‘red teaming’ that test employee awareness and the design and effective operation of your internal controls. And should the worst happen undertake an investigation.

Our Services

  • Fraud awareness training
  • Threat analysis
  • Policy & procedures
  • Counter fraud assessments; and
  • Forensic investigations

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