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Managing Risk in the Supply Chain Your systems may be secure but your connected suppliers may not be!

Protecting your commercial, personal and intellectual property related data which is shared with your third party suppliers, can be expensive and time consuming.

You may value your data and have invested time and money to protect it. However, your own controls are only as robust as the weakest link and this link could turn out to be a key supplier.

Third Party Assurance

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The digital age has brought with it an ever increasing connected business environment, more and more commercial and personal information is being shared with business partners and third party suppliers. Your suppliers are your lifeblood but can also be your Achilles heel. If their internal controls are weak then your data could be at risk.

The rise of cloud computing, outsourcing, shared services and even the humble email, along with the electronic communication of product designs and schematics to component suppliers provides ever more efficient ways of doing business.

But do you know where all your data is being stored and how well it is being protected?

The cost of increased competitiveness can be measured in terms of the increased risk that comes with the electronic transmission of data. Data transmitted in an unsecured manner that is then stored on systems which lack the appropriate security is a data breach in waiting.

This all brings into sharp focus considerations of: privacy, security and regulatory compliance.

Our expertise coupled with our flexible approach means that we can assist you in ensuring your supply chain risk is effectively managed.

We employ proven tools and models to assess how your supply chain protects yours and their intellectual property.

  • We can report against international standards including ISAE 3402/SSAE16 or AAF 01/06.
  • Supplier Selection
  • Due diligence
  • Supplier Management
  • Supply Chain Self Assessment Programme (Seer-i)

Why HW?

We have many years experience of assessing supply chains for resilience and security. During this time we have developed a number of approached including web based supply chain self assessments to help target risk areas.

Our experience also tells us, that the most effective way to achieve this is to adopt a hands-on approach, with our team to sit between the client and the vendor to help select the right vendor for the client’s business need and to manage the ongoing client/vendor engagement.

Our Services

  • Help the client to define its business needs, including adequately defining and communicating business requirements
  • Validating the vendor’s response
  • Vendor selection and due diligence
  • Vendor relationship/project management

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